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When Patrick Guilfoyle brought his unconventional approach to the kennel industry, there were the doubters that believed his extravagant design coupled with occupancy restrictions, both in number and temperament, spelled early disaster.

When defining his clientele, he refused to be constrained by conventional thinking. Patrick knew instinctively that his was a “vertical market” based on people’s attitude towards their dogs as family and the actual way that dogs live in their homes. He was able to construct a new paradigm that reconsiders the very notion of what a kennel could be. Patrick constantly refines his basic ideas, and is always striving to reinvent the dog’s experience.

New, original and provocative, doesn’t mean it won’t stand the test of time. If it’s honest and well executed, it will last. If you build it they will bark.

“Leaving a pet with any one is an emotional experience. It really needs to be about the dog and not the humans that own them.” Even though there were elements in the design of the facility that would appeal to the people clientele on a visceral level, the majority of the decisions and money continues to be invested in the safety and comfort of the dogs. At Double Dog Dare Ya, there is ongoing pursuit of innovation that challenges precedent, defies the status quo and sets new industry standards.

In homage to the Southern California ethos of health, well-being and spirituality, Double Dog Dare Ya was designed for our guest to enjoy interaction in the sunshine of the out-of-doors and in a safe, observed environment. The environment is designed to fit a natural setting, from the pool that is a meeting place for the doges and a focus of the courtyard to the hiding places in the hills and valleys. The experience of our guests lends itself to the overall experience of dogs of the savanna, the way nature intended.

Double Dog’s balancing act between magic and reality is present in the Zen-like entrance with the water-fall and pond and the blurring lines of the floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the outside yards inside. The reception area is a totally original and flowing space that transports the outdoors in and the indoors out. The lobby at Double Dog further enhances the idea of “Dogs as Art.” Subsequently, there is very little ornamentation to distract from this concept.

Patrick Guilfoyle’s singular goal has been to revel the soul and heartbeat of the dogs. Double Dog Dare Ya captures the quintessential California way of easy living by uniting its deeply rooted appreciation of a safe, outdoor experience for both the owners and the dogs that own them.

Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya