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Leaving a family member in the care of others is never a decision made lightly. We are all clear about who our actual client is - your dog. At Double Dog Dare Ya, we allow your dog to make decisions for themselves. Play, don’t play, observe, take a nap, or run wild. The world is your oyster Dude, Enjoy! It makes us happy.


Living in Los Angeles can be stressful for all of us. It is a fundamental fact that traffic, smog, over crowding, no parking and job pressures contribute to a stress filled environment. It’s no surprise that when an opportunity presents itself to get away from the city we jump at the chance. Once we decide to leave home, the logistics of getting away can cause even further stress, especially if there is a pet that needs care while we are gone.

The stress of our lives and the additional pressure of leaving for a vacation and or business trip can affect our dogs. The canine members share in our own collective pressures, and stresses. When ill, many dog owners notice a change in their dog’s behavior. Maybe we take a shower and watch television to numb-out the results of a bad day, instead of interacting with out pets. Any changes in our regular routine can signal a response from our dogs.

Double Dog Dare Ya has taken active steps to ensure that your dog’s stay is void of additional stresses that can have negative health effects. Most importantly, we never use cages. (We do use cages in our grooming shop for dogs that are with us for a limited amount of time to be groomed.) Our intent is for all of the dogs staying with us to exercise outdoors with each other in a protected environment.

DOG PARKS - Why they are a bad idea.

Double Dog Dare Ya urge our clients not to participate in the dog park environment. Dog Parks Can Be And Often Are Dangerous. Please think twice about what your job is as pack leader before you subject your dog to the inherent dangers of a dog park. One of the most significant aspects of a pack dynamic is that the members of the pack look to the leader to protect them. It is your duty not to subject them to possible danger, regardless of its source.

Dogs are child like in their development and can be child like in their actions and reactions. It is impossible to fool them into thinking nothing has changed. Subtle changes in routine send a definite message to our dogs that it is their duty and responsibility to change what they perceive as chaos. A dog’s reaction to change can greatly vary. Regardless of precautions that you may take in the days preceding your leave, your dog knows that something is about to change. And, unless they have stayed with us before, they are not comfortable with the change.

Our staff is trained to recognize that each dog is an individual. Because we limit the number of dogs that stay overnight, it is everyone’s job to know your dog at Double Dog Dare Ya. We know their names, their likes and dislikes. Our in-depth knowledge of your dog along with a lot of exercise and fresh air contributes to stress-free stay for your dog while you are away.

We do not prescreen dogs unless you are sure of your pet’s reactions to other dogs. How they react on a leash is not a good indicator of your dog’s true ability to be introduced to a pack. If we discern that your dog is not making good decisions, we will take appropriate steps to ensure that they are not a threat to themselves or to others. Should your dog not act appropriately, you will be asked to find alternative care for your dog the next time.


Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya