Double Dog Dare Ya

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House-sitters, dog walkers, and everybody else has a doggie day care center. But, buyer beware - the life you save, may be your pets.

Like any other profession, there are people who can and people who cannot take care of dogs. We often hear people say, “I wish I had your job.” But the perception of working with dogs and the reality of what dog care actual involves are miles apart. The perception is that dog care providers get to play with dogs all day long. But please understand: Liking dogs is not an adequate reason for someone to have a career in dog care - it is only a qualification. There is a huge difference between liking dogs and properly caring for dogs.

There definitely is a ‘calling’ for people who have chosen to provide dog care. And while the mechanical aspects of the dog business can be taught, common proactive common sense about dogs is intuitive talent. To be in the dog business, you must:

  • Have great attention to detail.
  • Power of conviction
  • Moral compass
  • Stamina, physical strength, incredible patience and a profound feeling that “good enough is the enemy of great.”

You have to know what’s going on with all the dogs at all times. When it comes to dog care, the myriad of decisions that are made on a daily basis is sometimes staggering. It may seem like we play with dogs all day; but that is the perception, not the reality.

Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya