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In that magical world that is our fantasy, there are no restraints on our schedules... We play ball early in the morning with our dogs before visiting a coffee shop and share a muffin with our best friends. And then it is off to the beach to play Frisbee in the surf.

While that is our fantasy day, your dog’s day is nearly perfect at Double Dog Dare Ya. Play, don’t play and just observe, take a nap, do what ever you want. The choice is yours and nobody else’s. How cool is that.


Most of the time, our dogs are subjected to our inconsistent whims. It is okay for them to jump on us unless we are dressed up. Do we really think that our dog can discern between Levis and Prada? Bare skin and hose? Our inconsistent reactions to our dog’s behavior create confusion and set the tone for behavior problems.

Double Dog Dare Ya believes that dogs are never so happy or secure than when they are in a pack of dogs. Their instincts allow them to know where they fit into a pack of their friends. In the pack, there are few mixed messages for them to understand. The rules that dogs live by are as old as mankind…fit into the pack, or don’t fit in at all.

Watching dog play is as exciting to us today as when we first stared. Our dog yard is full of good-hearted dogs. Good-hearted dogs are our target clients. They are the reason that Double Dog Dare Ya is as discerning as we are about which dogs can stay and which dogs must go. Nobody likes a mean dog - we consider such dog behavior a perversion.

Double Dog Dare Ya encourages all of our dogs to make their own choices. If your dog is unwilling or unable to make acceptable decisions, than our facility is not the place for them.

Happy, funny, full of energy, exuberant, wild, crazy - if these are adjectives that you use to describe your dog, then your dog is welcome to join us. Were looking for a few good dogs.

Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya