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We are glad you asked. We have anticipated and answered any questions that you might have about our services and us. We want your decision to leave your pet in our care to be an informed one. As always if you have any further questions be sure to contact us.

Q: Who can come?
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Q: How much do you charge?
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Q: What qualities does my dog need to posses in order to be considered:
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Q: What do you feed the dogs, if we don’t bring our own food?
A: We will do our best to match the diet your dog receives at home. While we prefer that you bring your own food so your dogs diet is not changed, we do provide a premium food called California Natural made from a short ingredient list. We feed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Even if your pet isn’t used to being feed twice, we think that it’s easier for them to digest their food with smaller meals more often.
Q: My dog is a very fussy eater. Should I be worried that he will not eat while we are gone?
A: Because of the nature of dogs when they are in a group setting, food represents a completely different dynamic than when they are at home with no competition. Even though we do feed all of the dogs separately, they know that there are other dogs surrounding them. Most often this environment produces a “dog in the manger” attitude - I might not necessarily want this, but I’m going to eat it before you get a chance to steal it from me.
If we do have a problem getting your pet to finish his dinner or breakfast, then we use incentives like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese to convince them to eat. A missed meal is not really a concern for us. After two missed meals and we put your pet on a watch list to ensure that they are okay. We tailor incentive meals until we find something that they will eat. After a couple of days of adding incentives to their regular food, we can taper off and end up with just their regular meals.
Q: What happens if our dog becomes sick while we are away?
A: Knowing your dog and what is normal for them is key. We pride ourselves on being symptomatic observers. The kennel staff has been extensively trained to recognize the beginnings of a problem. Lethargy, not eating, diarrhea - these are warning signs for us and we take them all seriously. The first thing that we do is put your pet on a watch list, which means that everyone knows that a problem has been observed by the staff. Often, they will not be allowed into the community while they are symptomatic. Instead, they are kept in one of the houses nearest the reception area to be monitored.
We start taking temperatures as soon as they are put on the watch list. While many situations my cause a low-grade temperature, the most common reason is stress. At this point, we spend extra time and attention to provide your pet a more comfortable surround. If we see symptoms that could escalate, we contact your veterinarian for feedback. Should your pet become truly ill while staying with us, we do not hesitate to take them to a veterinary clinic. Your veterinarian will be informed of every finding and procedure.
In the event of an emergency, we will try every available avenue to contact you directly.
Diarrhea is the bane of any kennels existence, and ours is certainly no exception. We try very hard to accommodate your pets diet to eliminate the chance of loose stools or diarrhea. A change of water or the stress of something new and different can cause a change of bowel movements.
When diarrhea rears its ugly head, we take immediate steps to stem resolve the situation. First, we change your pet’s diet to a really bland food, often just hamburger and rice. Children’s Kopectate is given twice a day. We add a pro-biotic to this bland diet to increase flora in the stomach that was probably lost because of the diarrhea. For extra measures, we check your dog’s temperature and weight. Usually, all of these procedures combined take care of the problem. If the diarrhea persists, we will do a vet visit if necessary.
Emergencies are handled as such. Your pet is rushed to the nearest emergency clinic without question.
Q: If my pet needs to visit a veterinarian while staying with you, are we responsible for the vet bill?
A: Yes, during your first visit to us you will be asked to complete and sign a contract that has provisions not only giving us permission to have your pet treated by a veterinarian, but also to hold you financially responsible for those vet visits. I think that everyone would agree that what’s really important is to find a place where your pet is a priority.
Q: Do all dogs get along?
A: Unfortunately, no. Dogs have likes, dislikes, temperament perversions, and even mental illness. The dogs that we want as clients are good hearted individuals that love their lives and don’t feel the need to be on the defensive at all times.
Q: What if my dog if is not making good decisions while we are out of town?
A: Our first priority is the safety of your dog and our other guests. We isolate the offender, depending on the transgression and the impetus. This isolation can range from simple time outs to the duration of their stay. If your dog is overly aggressive, we are not shy about asking you to make alternative arrangements the next time you go out of town. We consder mean dogs a perversion and they are not tolerated.
Q: What happens to the dogs if it gets too hot or it starts to rain?
A: We can open the inside of the kennels to allow the dogs that hate the rain to make the decision to get out of the rain. Although, there are some dogs that love the rain and prefer to stay outside. If a dog appears not to like the rain but is unable to remove itself, then we will help them indoors.
When its hot out, we watch to see how everyone is taking the heat. Again some dogs like it, some don’t. The sleeping rooms are air-conditioned and we will give the dogs an opportunity to get out of the heat. Sometimes we will just put the dogs that are staying with us overnight away in the air-conditioning during the heat of the day and then let them out into the yard when it becomes more comfortable.
Q: How long are the dogs in the communal yard? When do the dogs go out into the yard?
A: Our mornings are very busy. We clean the kennel and the building, and feed the dogs. We try and let an hour pass after feeding before putting the dogs out in the morning to allow for digestion. What time the dogs go into the yard depends on how many dogars are staying overnight. Usually, everyone is out by 10:00 a.m.
At night, it is the same routine except in reverse. We give the dogs that are staying overnight an hour to digest their food before we close the kennel. Depending on how many dogs are staying and what the weather is like, we like to start putting everyone to bed by 6:00 p.m. While that may sound early, it is a long day for a dog that may only get a few hours of exercise during their normal routine.
NOTE: Sundays are a slack day because we are only open to the public for three hours. We start late and finish early. There are no grooming appointments or day care dogs. It is a relaxing day for everyone, the dogs included.
Q: Is there someone always available on the property?
A: My wife and I live in apartment above the business, which is why I am so strict about no after-hour business. We are open to the public for seventy-two hours per week to meet your kennel needs. During off hours, I do come down to check on the dogs, and they are always quick to tell me if something has gone wrong during the night.
Q: Why isn’t there a grass area for the dogs to run?
A: Because our property is not that big, any grass area would have to be small, and it would not be grass for very long. To avoid large mud puddles that are conducive to dogs passing germs back and forth through their feces and urine, we opted to make hills and valleys the Hollywood way, with cement.
Q: Do you give discounts for dogs that are staying over a week, or over several days?
A: We do not give discounts. We limit the number of dogs that we can comfortably board over night, which greatly affects our revenue. We limit the number of dogs to make sure your pet receives individual attention.
Q: My dog needs to take medication, is that a problem?
A: Not at all. After much trial and error, we have found a system of check and balances regarding medication. Your pet’s medication prescriptions are entered into our computer program, which then generates a schedule of doses and times. We also make out a separate sheet that is individually bagged with additional instructions. The bag of medication is then put into your dog’s luggage along with schedule. Doses are administered per the computerized schedule.
Q: Why don’t the dogs wear their collars?
A: Dogs do not wear their collar for safety reasons. While the dogs are roughhousing, it is possible for them to get their teeth stuck in someone else’s collar, as well as getting their collars caught up in the sleeping rooms during the night.
It’s just another vivid example of our animal husbandry skills. We take every necessary precaution to ensure that your pet is as safe at all times.
NOTE: Sometimes we need to distinguish one dog from the other. It can be confusing to have four brown Labrador males running around at one time. If you see a little toenail polish on one of your dogs back nails, please don’t be alarmed. It’s just a way to keep everybody’s name straight.
Q: I thought this was a cage free kennel, yet you put the dogs in runs at night?
A: We prefer to call them sleeping rooms or houses instead of runs. The design idea for the sleeping rooms was created to provide the best area for the dogs well being. There is a lot happening during the day. The sleeping rooms help the dogs feel secure at night and helps the dogs to sleep as best they can.
Q: How do you figure boarding charges? Are there any extra charges?
A: The charges are based on a per night basis. Every night your pet stays with us is a new charge. If you pick your pet up before the 12:00 noon checkout time, there are no additional charges. Dogs that need to be picked up later in the day are subject to an individual discounted day care charge on a per dog basis. If it is necessary to change your pets diet to a homemade or prepared bland diet, there is an additional charge.
Q: Is it possible to arrange after hour pick-ups or drop-offs?
A: No. We are open over seventy-four hours per week to accommodate your schedule. Because this is also my home as well as my vocation, it is paramount for me to find a balance between my work life and home life. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Q: I’d like to stop for a tour of Double Dog Dare Ya. Do I need to make and appointment? Should I bring my dog for you to meet him?
A: We welcome you to stop at any time to see us. You never need to make an appointment. Do not to bring your dog with you. Since they are not staying with us, it can be intimidating for them. It is not a reflection of who your dog really is when we meet them for just a minute or two. We cannot know your dog until they are comfortable in the Double Dog Dare Ya environment.
Q: Can I bring toys and a bed when we bring our dog to stay?
A: While you are welcome to bring anything that will make your dog feel most comfortable, I have never seen any dog play with one of the toys brought for them. It is such a different atmosphere here than at home. Please understand that we try really hard to ensure that you get everything back that you brought, but we can’t be held responsible if something gets lost.
Please don’t bring really good (expensive) beds for the dogs. Your dog can be resentful about staying with us, and may end up taking their frustrations out on the bed you brought. I can’t tell you how many beds we’ve had to return to owners in green garbage bags.
We don’t give the dogs in the yard any toys ever. It can and will develop unhealthy competition between the dogs.
Q: Can I have my assistant pick up our dog early?
A: We are always happy to accommodate this request with just a few rules. We will not, under any circumstances, allow anyone who is not the owner to pick up a dog without specific permission. If someone other than you is picking up your dog, they must have a picture ID to confirm their status. To facilitate someone other than yourself from retrieving your dog, we will gladly keep a credit card on file, or you can always pre-pay. It is best that you to have someone pick up your dog who your dog knows. It is also a good idea when someone else is picking up your dog to have a serious conversation with them to ensure that they understand the basic safety issues, as well as some of your dog’s idiosyncratic personality traits.
Q: I am between homes looking for a place. Can you board my dog for an extended amount of time?
A: We do not do any long-term boarding. There are no exceptions to this rule. We also do not foster rescue dogs.
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