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Now days, it is difficult to know who is truly qualified to groom your pet. Double Dog Dare Ya only hires the most qualified professionals to groom. We do it the old fashioned way - with talent.


My initial background is grooming, so I feel strongly about what has happened in the dog grooming industry. Grooming is an art. It’s not a form of day labor for the uninitiated. Grooming includes all of the subjective parts of working on a live animal. It takes a tender heart that does not make decisions about the dog based on economics. The popularity of grooming shops have diminished expectations. How would the unsuspecting customer even know what is possible when shops are more interested in numbers instead of proper grooming standards?

Double Dog Dare Ya groomers know how to apply their art. Consequently, we are a lot more expensive that other shop’s because our grooming standards are so high. Also, the professionals who groom your pet are the most qualified in the business.

Because we do the grooming process by hand, we limit the number of dogs that we can do in one day. That is why it is more difficult to secure an appointment at Double Dog Dare Ya than at most grooming facilities.

At Double Dog Dare Ya, we only use the best products. Our shampoo is formulated by a veterinary dermatologist and is shipped to us from the Midwest. The shampoo is formulated using no sulfates and is gentle on the dog’s skin. It does not strip all of the essential oils from the skin, which can add to the already huge problem of dry skin in dogs.

Each dog is shampooed using two separate shampoos, one for their heads and one for the rest of the body. We pre-treat the dog’s ears with a natural vinegar mixture. To ensure that no water enters the ear canal we leave cotton in the canal during the bathing process.

Each and every dog has his or her anal glands squeezed and cleaned. We use the best of cream rinse to ensure that all of the shampoo products are rinsed out of the coats. Next, the dog’s nails are trimmed. All of these procedures happen before the dog is hand dried and seen by a groomer.

All dogs are dried by hand here with no exceptions. We do not and will never make the decision to dry dogs under blowers left in a cage. It is irresponsible, dangerous, and morally reprehensible. Many animals are killed in shops due to a complete disregard for their safety. The shops consider their drying process a matter of economics. Because these groomers are paid on a percentage basis, it behooves them to take on as many dogs as possible.

I encourage everyone who has his or her dogs groomed to insist on seeing where your dog will be bathed and dried. If there are dogs in crates with dryers pointed at them, then your dog could potentially be a statistic.

Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya