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We try to complete all of the necessary components of your dogs grooming in three-hour increments. It is our goal to have everyone here before 12:00 noon. But grooming our way is hardly an exact science. Unlike the majority of shops, the dogs get a break in the process.

We try our best to accommodate people’s schedules. Our intent may be to have your dog finished at noon, but there was a problem with the dog ahead of you and it took a lot longer to complete the process than we anticipated. If you call first before picking your dog, we would be grateful and you wouldn’t have to wait for us to finish.

We do not groom on Holidays or on Sundays, and only do dog baths on Tuesdays. We do require appointments, and will accept only walk in’s from our day care dogs on an available schedule basis.

The majority of our regular grooming clients are pre-booked to any disappointment when we are booked up. Pre-booking allows us to meet our client’s specific grooming requests, which we are happy to honor. Pre-booked appointments are mandatory for several breeds and complicated trims.


We love to start puppies on the right track and there is no better place than our to accomplish this task. We take our time through the process; no puppy will ever be pushed beyond acceptable limits. (Sometimes you have to push a little because puppies think that they should only be kissed - not brushed out or trimmed.)

Show Dogs

We do not do show trims ,even though we have won national awards for our skill level. Show trims are subjective depending on which way the showing wind blows. We refer these dogs to specialists in their respective breeds. Saying that, we are proud to have exclusively groomed three dogs to their championship in the past three years.

Difficult Dogs

Due to the time restraints imposed on our schedule we no longer groom difficult dogs. We no longer take on “project dogs” and, unfortunately, I do not know anyone who I would refer to groom a difficult dog.


It’s impossible for us to give accurate price quotes about what we charge for grooming over the phone. Putting prices on the web is even harder yet. The following price list is an estimated amount. Your charge may be more depending on your dog:

  • Shorthaired bath dogs are around $ 40.00
  • Hair cuts and trims start at $ 65.00
  • Standard Poodles start at $ 125.00 and escalate quickly from there depending on the complexity of the trim and length of hair.

We insist on pre-booked appointments for Standard Poodles and Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers, unless they are kept very short.

Cancelled Appointments

Please cancel grooming appointments in time for us to rebook your time slot. We understand that emergencies are emergencies, but when you have an appointment, we would appreciate your consideration. Please understand that many of our staff are paid on a percentage basis. No-show appointments mean lost revenue that can’t readily be replaced. We would love the opportunity to re-book a cancelled appointment.

Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya