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Since we built Double Dog Dare Ya, I was unhappy with the concrete in the courtyard. It was slippery when wet, and I never felt that the dogs could get their feet underneath them. Try as I might, I could never find a surface that we could keep disinfected so the dogs would not transfer stuff between themselves, until now.

My wife and I were at a cool furniture store in Pasadena called Design Within Reach (, and the store had this amazing flooring. I immediately took off my shoes to test how the surface felt on my feet and imagined how it would feel to our four legged clients.

It was the most amazing surface. The flooring was made of small river rocks that were tumbled to eliminate any hard edges and then set in a clear epoxy base. The salesman at Design Within Reach was nice enough to give us the name of the company that did the floor Stone Creations of Ontario, California (909) 947-5352.

We contacted the company to do all of the courtyard as well as the side yards. Construction was scheduled within weeks of our first meeting.

Here's how Stone Creations created our magnificent courtyard. First, all of the stones were added to a large cement mixer along with the epoxy solution. Because of the friction created by the stones, the temperature inside the mixer rises to 100°, bonding the rocks and the epoxy.

All of the surfaces were prepared and cracks were filled with epoxy. Sections between where the new surfaces met the old were hammered out to create a void that matched perfectly. The rock and epoxy mixture was then bucketed and piled around to wait for the application process. Unbelievably, all of the work was done by hand. They applied all of the surfaces by hand, meeting corners and areas that were surrounded by the new surface. The depth of the solution varies, but mostly it is one half inch thick. The resurfacing took about a day for them to lay the rock solution down, and another day for it to dry.

Five seconds after being able to put the dogs on the new surface, I knew that the money was well spent. The dogs footing is remarkable, much better than just ordinary dirt and grass. The best part is that it is impervious to everything we use to disinfect the yard on a daily basis. It is cooler on the dog's feet and better because they can use their toes and nails to grip the surface.

We couldn't be happier. It's just one more vivid example of what is important to us the dogs. We spent a ton of money to give your dog a safer, cleaner and more dog friendly solution to dirt and grass.

It is who we are.

Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya