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The following qualifications are required for all dogs who stay at Double Dog Dare Ya:

Your dog needs to be old enough to have had at least two sets of shots. There are inherent risks involved in leaving puppies in a community of dogs. Just like children in a nursery school, there is always something contagious going around. It is my belief that, like children, the more that puppies are exposed the stronger there immune system becomes. We take extraordinary measures to keep everything clean. I don’t believe you will see a cleaner facility than ours. We are obsessed with cleanliness. We cannot be held responsible for maladies when we run dogs in a community. There are more specific shot requirements listed below.

Your dog needs to be age appropriately Spayed or Neutered. This age requirement is entirely reliant on who your dog is. We do not allow dogs that are older than six months to be intact. However, there are dogs that are obsessed with humping. This situation is usually exclusively a boy problem. We are strict about curtailing this inappropriate and potentially dangerous behavior from a pack standpoint. Sometimes it’s an urge. Sometimes it’s a dominance display. The dogs that are hump crazy are asked to take a break until they are neutered.

Your dog needs to be nice. Being nice means different things to different people and that can always be a problem. Our number one objective is your dog’s safety and we are strict about what dog temperaments we allow. While we will inquire how you would describe your dog’s temperament, in the end, your dog will make their own choice about how they act. If we feel that your dog is not making good choices for themselves, we will step in to make the choices for them.

Your dog needs to be age appropriately vaccinated. While we are not naive enough to believe that all vaccinations work 100% of the time, we do require that your dog be currently vaccinated for the following:

  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Parvo
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (within 6 months)

These vaccinations are given on an annual basis, with the exception of the rabies booster, which can be received annually as well as every three years up to every five years. We do need written proof of your dog’s vaccination schedule. Your veterinarian should give you a receipt of these shots, which you need to bring with you no your first visit to Double Dog Dare Ya. You can also have the vaccination records faxed to us from your veterinarian’s office. Our fax number is 818-846-5225.

When shots are given in conjunction with other shots they can appear as abbreviations, for example: DHLP, DHLP2 etc.


Most veterinarians are very good about keeping your dog up to date on yearly boosters - after all that is where they make a lot of their money. The exception is the BORDITELLA Vaccination; many veterinarians are in the habit of either not vaccinating for Bordetella unless you request it, or they vaccinate for Bordetella on an annual basis. Our requirement is that the Bordetella vaccinations be done within a six-month period.

Because the Bordetella vaccination is usually an intranasal spray instead of an actual subcutaneous injection, the vaccine is live. When a vaccine is a live, it means that the dog is getting a very small amount of the actual virus. Subsequently we have a 48-hour moratorium on dogs after they have been vaccinated. So please be proactive regarding the Bordetella vaccination. We would have no choice but to refuse your dog if they are not vaccinated according to our protocol.

NOTE: Often clients incorrectly assume that they meet our vaccination requirements because they visit their veterinarians on an annual basis. Please understand that we are very strict regarding our vaccination requirements and we will be forced to turn you away if your dog has not received OUR REQUIREMENTS (not just your veterinarian’s vaccination schedule).

If you have any questions about our vaccination protocol or if your dog is not vaccinated because of health concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or to contact us with your questions.

Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya