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  1. Make sure that your shot records have been faxed and to our office from your veterinary office, or make sure that you have the appropriate records with you. Please make sure that the shots are within Double Dog Dare Ya’s required vaccination protocol. We are very strict about this issue for your and others dogs safety and health.
  2. Do bring your dogs regular food and medication. It is easier to maintain your dog’s regular diet. We take your dog’s diet and medication regimen very seriously.
  3. Please bring your dog on a secure collar and lead. After your dog has stayed with us, they are usually exuberant about staying with us again. However it only takes one distraction before coming through the door to cause a difficult situation.
  4. We do have a contract that needs to be completed and signed by you. You can download the contract from the web and fax it to us if you prefer. Please make sure that you bring the contract with you, as we need it for our records. If you haven’t had time to complete the application, please arrive a few minutes early to give yourself time to finish all the necessary paperwork
  5. Bed, toys, treats - you are welcome to bring anything that you think will make your dogs stay more comfortable. We do provide both raised individual beds in each sleeping room as well as blankets for the dogs. If you bring beds from home, please don’t bring anything that you absolutely cannot part with. There are times when a dog may destroy their bed because they resent not being at home. Yes, we understand that they have never chewed up anything in their lives, but some dogs react badly if they feel scorned.
  6. There is no need to bring dishes, measuring cups or can openers. We use stainless steel dishes that are put through the dishwasher to be disinfected. The logistics of everyone’s own bowls would be daunting at best. We use regular culinary measuring cups to portion meals, unless you have prepared meals in individual bags.
    NOTE: Many dog owners simply fill the dog dish in the morning and do not know how much their dog may eat in a given day. Please estimate the quantity, as it is impossible for us to leave food out all day. Our dogs are fed twice a day.
  7. A positive attitude is needed when saying goodbye to your dog. Often, people make the mistake of indulging in “the long goodbye.” It serves no purpose other than making your dog nervous that something terrible is going to happen. In case you don’t notice, the staff is trained to remove surreptitiously your dog while you are kept busy with questions. We do know what’s best for your dog in this regard. Tell your pet goodbye in a positive manner, and that you will be back, and then let us do our job. We know it’s hard to leave, but we do this a hundred times a week.

NOTE: Your dog is not put in the yard in front of you. Often, if your dog can see you through the window, there can be a problem. It is a signal to the other dogs in the yard that there is something wrong with your dog. Instead of overwhelming everyone, we put your dog in a safe area until things settle down and then let the dog join the dog yard without a lot of fanfare.

Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya