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After a few visits, I know if your dog will benefit from day care and if your dog is able to “play well with others.” As the pack leader, I can judge quickly what dogs can stay and what dogs must go.

Some of the dogs are clowns, preferring others to work while they play. Other dogs are observers, more comfortable in the periphery. There are dogs that are the fun police. It’s their job to ensure that the pack does not get carried away. And, of course, there are the dogs earn the role of the dominate dog.

I could go on for pages with descriptions of a pack dynamic. Suffice to say that that Double Dog Dare Ya has established a microcosm of dogs in their natural state. Our day care is not for the faint of heart, either human or canine. It’s loud, and it’s wild. Nothing thrills me more than dog dynamics in action. I learn from the dogs every single day - it is the reason that I love what I do.

The number one objective of everyone at Double Dog Dare Ya is the safety and happiness of the dogs that visit. We are so lucky to have such wonderful clients and fabulous tempered dogs that come here daily for day care.

We are strict about the dogs we accept. Depending on their temperament, some dogs are not allowed at Double Dog Dare Ya. Dogs who exert any form of aggression are not allowed. People are often curious about whether the dogs fight. At Double Dog Dare Ya, the dogs do not fight because we do not allow it. While arguments between dogs are natural, we are trained to keep the arguments from escalating into a full-blown physical confrontation between the dogs. If a dog is unable to heed our warning, they will not receive a second chance. Our strict measures make our dog yard appear to be a dog park - where in order for a dog to play, they have to be nice or they cannot come back. Dogs are separated by size. Our rule is that no dog under the knee can go with anyone under the knee unless given specific permission. So even though the small dogs don’t have the same areas to play, they have the benefit of being with us the entire day. We get to share more in the small dogs play, which is more fitting to the small dog nature.

Because we encourage wild times, and dogs play with such high energy, there is always the possibility of scrapes and scratches. Please do not be offended or worried that we have let your dog be hurt. Most likely, your dog zigged when another dog zagged during play time in the dog yard. Just like children at a playground, the dogs play all kinds of games that may have them end with a minor scratch.

The best way to discover if your dog is a good candidate for day care at Double Dog Dare Ya is to book a day care visit. We do not pre-screen unless we discern during a phone interview that you may be secretly harboring an overly aggressive tire bitter. If this is the case, we will ask to meet your dog first.

Double Dog Dare Ya is the ultimate in dog day care. The dogs are allowed to make their own decisions about their role in the pack and what they want to do. They are allowed to play without submitting to the ‘favorite child’ competition that happens between dogs when adults are present. We also have live streaming video so that you can check on your dogs whenever you want.

Our guarantee - if your dog does not fall to sleep in the car on the way home, we haven’t done our job.

Double Dog Dare Ya
Double Dog Dare Ya